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Assassination Classroom Episode 1 Dubbed

Assassination Classroom Episode 1.
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Episode 1 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom

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  • The Mystical, Wonderful, Fanta

    Koro-Sensei is the same guy that voiced Hughes in Fma, right?

  • exorcist-that-loves-demons22

    I can’t watch it ’cause there is just a stupid pokemon go ad in the way and no way to remove it someone help me plz

    • theycallmeotaku

      that’s so funny

    • Slade

      hillarious never heard of adblock? its free and blocks ads

    • Venom X3

      idk reload? i have ad-block so no problem

  • TheOverlordofNecron

    youtube has some episodes on it, but not all of them, that’s where I got
    acquainted with the series, presumably, I can watch them all now

  • Swims Greats

    i wish this was my teacher

  • Swims Greats

    because in that case i will not have a problem if i kill my teacher pluse i get paid

  • Justin Klump

    i cri evrytiem