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Assassination Classroom Episode 2 Subbed

Assassination Classroom Episode 2.
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Episode 2 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom

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  • Animu

    They use the word discrimination so loosely here. I mean of course there would be much harsher rules towards these students, seeing that their grades are apparently so bad that everyone acts like they do towards them. What else would you do?
    The other students are a bunch of assholes, of course, but class E isn’t entirely on the right here either.
    Also when that gov guy was like “How are these students talking happily about murder”…BITCH you PUT THIS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS BEING WHOM EVEN THE STRONGEST ARMIES CAN’T KILL IN A CLASS FULL OF TEENAGERS and then proceeded to ask them to KILL HIM. What did you think war gonna happen???

  • Emma

    Since I read the manga I feel bad for the kid that’s at the end. Can’t wait to watch next episode! :-3