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Assassination Classroom Episode 5 Subbed

Assassination Classroom Episode 5.
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Episode 5 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom

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  • Animu

    “I only base my decisions on pure logic.”
    “E class isn’t letting themselves be treated like scum. We must do something. Fuck saving the world, this is way more important.”
    What the fuck man?? XD

    • Keith 1rosešŸŒ¹

      Lol I agree

  • Keith 1rosešŸŒ¹

    Ok first the principle sexy asf second koro sensai is flippn awesome dude!!!

  • Kaneki-Uchiha

    who thinks that Koro Senseis existance just makes i a whole lot better and funnier? I know i do

  • Leafa0910

    Lol i just realized that the blue haired boy’s voice sound like Allen walker on D Gray man season 1 and 2, while the man in the end of the episode(the school principal, maybe?)has the same voice as Aizen from bleach.