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Assassination Classroom Episode 6 Subbed

Assassination Classroom Episode 6.
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Episode 6 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom

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  • Animu

    The principal isn’t rational, nor is he logical. He’s a cheap cheater who’s using oppressing methods on children. School is supposed to create the building blocks of a teenager’s social life, not only academic life, that they’ll be able to use once they’re out there in the world. This guy is producing vain, self righteous and corrupted individuals who will be no good to anyone in the long run.
    Also, he can go fuck himself because he isn’t a man of logic, he’s only a piece of shit. (well, I’m getting worked up over fictional characters again…)

    • Kaneki-Uchiha

      agreed, the principal isn’t a logical man, nor is he a good one. I mean what possesses a man to think that building a school for teens and teaching them assassination is a good idea??? Also getting worked up over fictional characters is good, it creates an understanding between someone/something that doesn’t exist, put this into a normal conversation with someone you understand now becomes easy. With fictional characters you need to meet them, judge them, accept them and then spend time on them all in a matter of seconds. You take over 1 month with a human, it just shows how quick-minded we are. Anyway I might be wrong, i mean there’s almost no value to a 14 year old sociopaths ideas, is there…