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Assassination Classroom Episode 7 Subbed

Assassination Classroom Episode 7.
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Episode 7 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom

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  • Animu

    Yeah but did you see just how outnumbered they were? And even if they did try to scare them off, I highly doubt it would have worked…

    • Inspector

      Does not matter as much
      Even if they are out numbered. They have GUNS
      And they are much better trained

      If you see a gun you will not open conflict, Even if you have 40 guys against 5 guys. if this 5 guys have guns they can EASILY kill 20 of you
      And if they start taking out knifes and guns they will immediately connect them to some sort of crime gang
      Because regular students don’t walk around with authentic guns

      • Animu

        I must have missed something…they had guns? But weren’t the guns filled with harmless anti teacher bullets rather than real ones?

        • Inspector

          Yes, But they look just like real GUNS and sound just like real GUNS

          They say it in the first episode of the first season.

          This are just regular weapons, The only difference is instead of using regular 9mm bullets they use special anti teacher bullets.

          • Animu

            There’s still the scenario where it could have gotten too far with that too… But yeah, I agree there. They definitely could have been smarter about this.

  • koro-sensei is such a good guy