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Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 24

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 24.
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Season 2 Episode 24 of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.



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  • 770a5t

    oh man… with the symbolism in the crying… how at first its mostly girls, then once he’s killed it’s alone nagisa full on sobbing, then everyone crying together in groups, then karma alone trying to hold back tears. This anime is wonderful in so many ways, but you have to really appreciate the directing too… to show them all together except karma and nagisa, and then have those two be drastically different… but both still crying all the same, with everyone else in mourning for koro-sensei. lovely.


    Roses are green
    Violets are brown
    They live in caves

  • Sweetsinger9

    The questions should be Who didnt? ;-;

    • russell45

      Karasuma didn’t.

  • TheOnlySanePersonHere

    The whole crying is the only thing that got me…

  • zelastjoker .

    What a show. my pillow is just wet from the tears.

  • Goodwin Lu

    the saddest episode ;.;

  • Taufik Kasim

    Karma try not to cry..but he lost because it tooooo sadddd..

  • baby kaley

    Anime tears were shed

  • Lindsey_mavi

    I found a river of tears in my room.

  • i wish japanese people were anime
    also I only cried at korosensei and everyone else
    nagisa your sobbing is the cringiest thing ever and it did not make me cry

  • 1. They were being taught to kill HIM, because he was supposedly going to kill them all and destroy Earth. In the next episode none of them are killers or have lost their morality.
    2. He killed guards only, ones that were preventing his escape. If anything they deserved it, for supporting the man that put him under intense torture for a year straight.
    3. The students did it out of love for Koro Sensei. They needed to know if he would blow up or not, and when Korosensei suggested the idea, they went with it immediately because they LOVE him, in a teacher-student relationship stronger than Harry Potter and Dumbledore.

  • An epilogue episode, around seven years later. Not like they just forget Korosensei and Kunugigaoka entirely, you know.