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Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 25 Dubbed

Assassination Classroom Season 2 Episode 25 Dubbed.
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Season 2 Episode 25 Dubbed of the TV Anime Series Assassination Classroom / Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.

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  • Hoefijzer

    It’s sad that this is the last

  • Jonathan Rauscher

    @Hoefijzer:disqus Yeah, but this was by far the best way to end it.

  • Koro

    I really want them to do a season 3 or reboot following nagisa and the rest of the class as they go on with their lives. I got really sad watching this episode because its over, its all happy and I do not want it to end. But at the end as soon as he said kill, I smiled and thought get ready for a butt whooping. good ending 😀

    • Koro

      Also as a side note, I will be re watching the whole thing. I wonder how its going to be knowing some of the plot twists and things that we found out later on. Somethings are going to be difficult to get by. Such as are little double ganger who was lying from the start.

      • Jp_Otaku

        They might have, she said something about “those hopeful to bring new life into this world ” and it showed her holding her belly probably meaning she’s pregnant and maybe she said that she’s off his Radar as a cover up

    • Nishikino Maki

      A reboot would be less of an action show though and more slice of life. It would lose a major portion of its fanbase.

      • Just Someone Else

        Actually, there still remains at least one obvious and viable way to continue the series. They had mentioned potentially using the tentacles or at the very least the data from the final tentacle fight for counter-terrorism. Karasuma has also expressed his trust in class E on multiple occasions. Therefore, it is possible that there will be more dangerous tentacle people that Karasuma might want some skilled people that he trusted fighting to defeat or stop the potential tentacle people. It could also be that the government just never stopped trying to perfect the process and had just increased security measures so that nothing could escape or blow up like before and that, despite those security measures, a breakout or break-in or espionage occurs. So, you see that there really are some fairly straightforward ways for a season 3 to occur without necessarily losing the action and fanbase. That being said, this was a fairly good way to end it off.

  • MadDoctorPHD

    i can’t say i know of meany show that made me cry, but this got me good

    • LilJaySavage_345

      Me too first one that got me

  • Ur.S0ft

    I’m in emotional distress 😖 Such a perfect ending

  • Valtion

    Is it sad for me to say that I’m disappointed that Nagisa didn’t end up with the girl in the end as well.

  • AceOfSpades

    can’t believe nagisa blew his chance with kayano, they would have been a great couple

  • Hunterthekilla


  • Haruto Uzumaki

    My top three Anime for sure. And frankly, this one is my favourite. All good things must come to an end, but they can forever live in the hearts of the fans

  • laRosaH23

    I wish they’d do another season with the students> specially Nagisa and Karma, I want to see how much like Koro Sensei that Nagisa turns out to be o.o

  • Camilla Poppins

    I am so sad.. When they keep mentioning Koro Sensei.. I was like “Stahp plz.. Imma cri.. Why u do dis to meh???” It is just so sad.. That he is gone.. TT^TT Welp! Time to MOO-VE on! K, that wasn’t FUNNIEH.. OK2 I’LL STAHP.. I like the end.. The end where Nagisa just show the middle finger.. Lol.

  • IHaveCrippplingDepression

    This Account is useless

  • SooozaBell

    Best anime show ever…. and am I right in thinking that there is going to be a spin off. Assassination classroom (Koro Teacher Quest)… so it’s not finished yet.